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Welcome to a world where the essence of luxury converges with nature’s timeless beauty. Our masterfully designed wood-fired hot tubs elevate your outdoor haven, combining expert craftsmanship and the soothing warmth of fire to create a tranquil retreat in your own backyard.

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Smart Pellet Hot Tub

Introducing a Smart Wood fired hot tub experience, Control ignition process using your mobile phone. No more manual fire starting. Simply turn it on an wait for desired temperature.

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Frequent questions and answers

Direct Manufacturer-to-Customer Delivery Ensures Quality Your wood-fired hot tub is delivered straight from the manufacturer’s site to the specified delivery address, bypassing distribution centers to minimize the risk of damage. On the day of delivery, please arrange for 3-4 individuals to assist the driver in offloading your hot tub and relocating it to the desired location. If you are unable to arrange for assistance, you have the option to book our professional assembly service in advance for £300. Our team will arrive on the delivery day and expertly set up your hot tub in your preferred location

The estimated production and delivery timeline for our hot tubs is approximately 2-3 weeks following payment confirmation. Please note that for hot tubs equipped with a pellet stove, the delivery time may be extended by an additional 2 weeks.

Curbside delivery is included in the total purchase cost, ensuring your hot tub arrives fully assembled with minimal effort required on your part. The straightforward assembly process entails attaching the pre-assembled chimney to the stove pipe and fastening it with the two provided screws. For models equipped with an external heater, effortlessly connect the heater to the hot tub using the two included hoses.

In the event that you observe any transport damage upon delivery, notice manufacturing defects, or discover that the product’s features do not match the description, you are entitled to request that we rectify the issues at no additional cost within a reasonable timeframe. Alternatively, we may offer a reasonable price reduction or replace the product with a comparable or similar item. Please note that this does not apply to minor defects or issues resulting from the buyer’s actions.

You are entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract within 2 Working days without giving reasons. The right to withdraw from the purchase contract does not apply if the goods were produced for you by special order, i. H. the goods deviate from the standard offered on the Internet. The goods must not have been used, damaged, or significantly changed in their appearance. The buyer needs to pay the cost of returning the goods.

If the goods are returned due to poor quality or defects, we undertake to reimburse you for the return costs incurred.

Damage from osmosis bubbles is typically caused by manual application of individual fiberglass layers. Our products, however, utilize a specialized spray process where glass fibers are automatically mixed with resin and applied to a gel-coated mold. This technique eliminates the possibility of air pockets.

We are aware of the challenges faced by small fiberglass tub producers and have automated our processes to minimize errors caused by manual handling. Our production process is supervised by a technician with 30 years of experience in the field. Our fiberglass tubs consist of six layers and have a thickness of 6 mm.

Osmosis issues can also be linked to the gelcoat used for the tubs. Some manufacturers opt for cheaper gelcoats, which may only withstand temperatures up to 40°C and are unsuitable for this application. We source our gelcoat from the German manufacturer BÜFA. It is certified for this purpose and can endure temperatures up to 80°C. This high-quality gelcoat is also utilized in professional and luxury large pool construction.

Selecting appropriate pool chemicals is crucial. Given the small water volume in hot tubs, it is essential to use long-term tablets only. Additionally, regular monitoring and checking of chlorine content is necessary. While many measuring devices may lack accuracy, we recommend using disposable tests for initial assessments.

Comprehensive Insulation for Optimal Heat Retention Our hot tubs are equipped with polyurethane foam insulation encompassing the entire tub. In conjunction with the thermal lid, this insulation system guarantees superior heat retention, ensuring a consistently enjoyable experience.

Maintaining Your Hot Tub in Cold Conditions: Professional Tips

During freezing conditions, it is crucial to drain your hot tub to prevent frost damage. If you wish to enjoy a warm soak in sub-zero temperatures, we recommend filling the hot tub with fresh water and heating it with the stove. Alternatively, keep the water in the hot tub warm at all times and ensure the water-filled hoses are flushed regularly.

An electric heater can be installed alongside the water massage system to maintain the desired water temperature. We also offer pellet heating systems for hot tubs, which can be controlled and monitored remotely using a smartphone app, ensuring a consistent temperature even when you’re away from home. The system features an integrated frost monitor for added winter protection.

Regardless of the heating option you choose, it is essential to flush the water-filled hoses regularly (at least every 10-15 minutes). A commercial timer can be employed to facilitate this process.

Evaluating Integrated and External Wood Stoves: Pros and Cons

Your choice between an integrated or external wood stove depends on your specific requirements.

Integrated Wood Stove:

  • Space-saving design
  • Creates a cohesive appearance for the hot tub (subjective to personal preference)
  • Features a raised seat, providing less underwater seating space but offering an ideal spot for children or for briefly cooling down

External Wood Stove:

  • Requires more space
  • Suitable for placing the hot tub under structures like a carport
  • Offers increased seating capacity within the hot tub

Consider these factors to determine which stove option best aligns with your needs and preferences.

The internal dimensions of the standard stove (75 cm) are as follows: (WxHxD) 31x35x53 cm, with the grate and actual combustion area measuring (WxHxD) 31x24x40 cm. This allows for the efficient burning of logs up to approximately 40 cm in length.

Our 30kW wood stoves (both internal and external) heat the water at around 10 degrees per hour (with the thermal lid on). Depending on the size of the hot tub and the existing water and ambient temperature, the water is ready for bathing in about 2-3 hours.

If you position the hot tub on a surface that doesn’t retain moisture (such as a gravel bed or wooden battens), a wooden substructure is typically adequate. However, if the hot tub is placed on a surface prone to moisture accumulation (e.g., concrete or grass), we recommend opting for a stainless steel substructure. The most cost-effective option is a wooden cross with stainless steel feet, as the components in contact with moisture are effectively protected by the choice of material.

No additional equipment required. The stove independently heats the water based on the thermal principle. Cold water is drawn in through the lower inlet connection, heated within the stove, and then flows back into the tub via the upper outlet connection.

We provide a comprehensive 2-year warranty on our products, beginning from the date of delivery. This ensures you receive high-quality products and peace of mind with your purchase.

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