Refund and Return Policy

Introduction to Returns Policy

The end user of the hot tub has the full right to return the product to the manufacturer within 14 days after it has been delivered, without providing any reason. The buyer/end user will be liable for all transportation costs related to the return, including during the 14-day period.

Note: This provision does not apply to wholesalers and the below-noted exemptions:

  • Custom Design: Hot tubs built to custom specifications.
  • Health Safety and Hygiene: Hot tubs unpacked and unfit for return.
  • Wholesaler Exemptions: Wholesalers are exempt from returning hot tubs in good quality within 14 days.

Detailed Returns Policy

14-Day Return Window: Hot tubs can be returned within 14 days of the delivery date. The days count begins once the product is delivered or collected.

Condition of the Returned Product:

  • Unused: Must not have been used, with all original features and qualities intact.
  • Original Packaging: Must be in the original packaging, as delivered.
  • No Damage: Neither the hot tub nor any components can be damaged by the consumer.
  • Original Appearance: Must retain original commercial appearance.

Initiating the Return Process:

  • Purchase Documents Required: Original purchase documents must be provided.
  • Refund Timeline: Issued within and no later than 14 days since the notice of return, through the same payment gateways, unless otherwise specified by the buyer.

Responsibility for Return:

  • Buyer’s Responsibility: Responsible for safe and smooth return, possibly including shipping or handling fees.
  • Transportation Costs: Buyer covers all transportation costs related to the return, even within the 14-day period.
  • Seller’s Responsibility for Faults: If the wrong product was delivered, or if there is a fault on the part of the seller, the seller is responsible for the return and redelivery of the correct product. A full refund can be issued if the delivered product is not accepted by the buyer. Essentially, any fault made by the seller will carry monetary responsibility to resolve the issues.

Exceptions to Return Policy:

  • No Returns for Used Products: Cannot be returned if used.
  • Depreciation Liability: Buyer liable for depreciation from actions beyond necessary inspection.
  • Special Exemptions: As noted in the introduction.

Wood-Fired Hot tubs Store -  Warranty Notes

In the event of material or manufacturing defects in our hot tub production, we grant a guaranty as follows:
• 7 years guarantee only on the stainless-steel structure
• 5 years guarantee only on the combined stainless steel and wood structure
• 2 years guarantee only on the wooden structure
• 2 years guarantee on fibreglass and acrylic moulds
• 2 years guarantee on stainless steel heaters
• 2 years guarantee on hot tubs cladding/cabinet
• 2 years guarantee on fibreglass cover
• 2 years guarantee on connections and water release systems (Filter connections, high flow drain tap)
• 2 years guarantee on filtration system
• 1 year’s guarantee on insulated leather cover
• 1 year’s guarantee on LED lighting
• 1 year’s guarantee on hydro massage, air massage systems (All jets, pumps, connections etc..)


Understanding Your Guarantee

Following Instructions:

Your guarantee is valid as long as you read and follow the instructions provided in the product manual. If you don’t follow these guidelines, you might be responsible for any damages to yourself or the product. If you ignore the manual’s instructions, we can’t continue to offer the guarantee, and we won’t be able to provide a refund or replacement.

Special Note for Commercial Use:

If you’re using a Ten Spa product in a business setting, there’s a 6-month guarantee on all parts.

What Does “Defective” Mean?

A product is considered defective if it doesn’t meet the quality standards expected when it was first sold, or if it doesn’t have the features that we said it would.

How to Make a Guarantee Claim:

  • You can make a claim if your product is damaged or unfit, but it has to be within the guarantee period, starting from the delivery day. Once that period ends, you can’t make a claim.
  • If you notice a defect, tell us or the seller within 7 days. Email us directly with a detailed description, videos, or pictures of the issue. We’ll review the evidence and figure out what went wrong.
  • Please don’t keep using the hot tub if there’s a problem. Using it after you’ve noticed a defect can make things worse, and it might mean we can’t help with the damage.

Proving a Defect:

At first, it’s up to you, the consumer, to show that the product is defective. You’ll need to prove that it didn’t meet the quality standards at the time of purchase or didn’t have the features we described.

Please Remember:

  • Following the instructions is crucial for your safety and to keep the guarantee valid.
  • We’re here to help if there’s a genuine problem, but we need you to follow the rules above.

Guarantee limitations

The guarantee for hot tubs does not apply in the following circumstances:

Manual and User-Inflicted Damage:

  • If affected by manual damage (including, but not limited to, scratches, improper usage, dropping heavy items inside, etc.).
  • If damaged by the user themselves.
  • If repaired without following the manufacturer’s instructions and guidance.
  • If there are additions of non-original parts or equipment.
  • If an excessive amount of chemicals is used, or materials not recommended by the manufacturer.

Environmental and Unintended Use:

  • If damaged due to environmental factors (including, but not limited to, storm, rain, fire, flood, or accidental external force).
  • If used for purposes other than intended.
  • If damaged due to frost or overheating (including, but not limited to, freezing or overheating the oven, internal mold, air, and hydro massage systems).

Wear, Tear, and Natural Changes:

  • Typical changes in wood, such as color changes, moisture-related changes, cracks, UV exposure, etc.
  • Wear and tear caused by normal use (e.g., burning, bending of grates, and other internal parts of the heater).
  • Damage caused by incorrect use.
  • Damage due to corrosion or excessive usage of chemicals. (Note: PH levels must be monitored carefully, and excessive amounts or automatic dosing devices must not be used in the hot tub.)

Other Limitations:

  • If the buyer fails to present proof of purchase, such as a receipt.
  • Operational systems or other software equipment.
  • Trays, air vents, and other internal parts of the heater, which are considered operational materials not covered by the guarantee.
  • Indirect costs incurred, such as construction or demolition work related to the hot tub.

Pay attention that:
• If the hot tub was repaired or replaced the guarantee is not extended, but is valid since the original purchase date.
• All expenses relating hot tub transformations are covered by the buyer, unless fault is caused by the seller.

Important note:
Contact the seller immediately if you have any questions about the guarantee. Guarantee repairs are carried out only withing the guarantee period. Independent repairs attempts may lead to an expiration of the guarantee. If the hot tub was purchased from the manufacturer directly by consumer, within the guarantee period repairs are carried out by the manufacturer.
If the hot tub was purchased from the manufacturer by the retailer, within the guarantee period repairs are carried out by the retailer but not the manufacturer.
If the fault occurs due to incorrect usage or user fails to carry out maintenance as suggested in the user manual he/she is liable for expenses endured by the manufacturer or the seller whilst carrying out the repairs or in guarantee provided commitments.
Upon guarantee period expiration the Customer’s right to warranty claims cannot be validated.

Understanding Essential Defects of Your Hot Tub

What is an Essential Defect?

An essential defect is a serious issue caused by a mistake on our part that means the hot tub can’t be used, and we can’t fix it with our spare parts. These specific problems are considered essential defects:

  • Damaged Internal Liner: This includes visible cracks in the gelcoat and fiberglass.
  • Leaks: If the integrated stove is perforated and leaking or if water is leaking from the hoses.

These are the only issues classified as essential defects. All other defects are considered non-essential.

What to Do If You Find an Essential Defect:

  1. Send it Back (at Your Expense): You’ll need to send the product back to us in Kaunas, Lithuania.
  2. We’ll Check It Out: If the defect is our fault, we’ll fix or replace the hot tub and pay you back for the shipping. If it’s not our fault or not an essential defect, you’ll need to cover the repair and shipping costs.
  3. Dispute Handling: If there’s a disagreement about the cause of the damage, we’ll send part of the hot tub to an independent laboratory. Whoever’s responsible for the damage will have to pay for this.

Warranty Information for Wholesalers:

If you’re a wholesaler or retailer (not the end-user), the procedure is slightly different. We’ll send replacement parts to you, and you’ll handle the warranty repairs.

If the defect is essential and the product can’t be used or fixed with spare parts, you’ll need to follow the steps above, delivering the product to us in Kaunas, Lithuania.

In cases where we’re at fault for a material defect, we’ll repair or replace the product and cover all shipping costs.

Key Points:

  • Understand What’s Covered: Only certain defects are considered essential.
  • Know Your Responsibilities: You might have to pay for shipping and repairs if the defect isn’t our fault.
  • Wholesalers Have Different Rules: If you’re a wholesaler, please follow the specific instructions provided.
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