Tarkine Wood Fired Hot Tub

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4-5 Person Hot tub with internal heater

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Outlets pointing to your back to provide massage effect.
The outlets are installed seamlessly throughout the bottom of the fiberglass at various locations
Multi-color underwater LED lights that are controlled with a press of a button.
LED lights integrated into the bottom cladding of hot tubs provide a pleasant welcome illumination.
Optional. Perfect for keeping water warm after it has been heated with a wood heater.
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Product description

Introducing the Tarkine, a luxurious wood fired hot tub that’s been crafted to perfection. From the design to the materials utilised, we have gone above and beyond to ensure that this hot tub is of the finest quality. The Tarkine wood fired hot tub is a long-lasting product that will bring years of relaxation.


Wood fired hot tub Specification

Brief glance at the components

What is included in our essential package?

Insulated Foldable Cover

A lightweight and foldable cover is made from Faux leather and has UV resistance. The price includes a free selection of 3 colors: black, grey, and brown

Thermowood Cladding

Thermowood cladding is premium wood that is thermally treated to gain resistance against rot and fungus.  Wood cladding will be treated with the required oils before it is delivered.

2 Tier Premium Steps

Neatly cut and assembled, without any visible fittings/screws. Hand-made steps, using the same material as hot tub cladding. 

Mini bar and Stirring Paddle

Handcrafted side bar to conveniently place beverages. 

30KW Marine Grade Heater

The wood-fired heater will have a high-flow drain tap and will be made using AISI316 Stainless steel. This metal grade is chemical and salts-resistant.  (You will be able to treat water should you decide to)

This is one of the MOST essential elements of the wood-fired hot tub. 304 Grade Is not Chemical or salt resistant!

2 Meter Chimney With Heat Guard

The chimney will get hot! Our Pre-attached chimney Shield will protect you from accidental contact.

Please note the shield cover 1 meter of the chimney. You still need to be cautious around the heater.

Wall And Bottom Insulation

The quality hot tub’s signature. The amount of insulation in a hot tub often determines how long it takes to heat and how long it will hold that heat. We got it covered.

About The Upgrades / Optional Extras

Our Hot Tub includes all necessary and frequently desired features. These optional variations are available to enhance an already premium product and tailor it to your specific requirements. The information below should familiarize you with the additional benefits that are available.

LED Underwater Lights

Lightning in and around the hot tub can really set the mood. Hence, we offer Multi-color LED lights that are controlled with a press of a button.  The most popular selection is two standard-size LED Lights for the most optimal lighting underwater.  Additionally, small LED lights integrated into the hot tubs cladding are also available. 

Wood treatment Color

Hot tub cladding will be oiled using your preferred color. We’ve discovered that a hot tub can frequently be incorporated into a garden design theme. We hope that you will find the perfect color to meet your theme from those available. 

Filtration system / Connections.

Under the Option “Filtration System” you are presented with two options. One is to have your Hot Tub with a wooden cover and pre-installed connections for a Third-party Sand filter. Option Two is to have a full filtration System. Including Connections, the Filter itself (provided by us), and the surrounding cover box (matching your hot tub’s wood and color). (Sand or filter balls are not provided)

Hydro Massage System

Water outlets installed at various heights on the hot tub walls point to your back.

6 Jets hydro massage system is powered by a 0.9kw water pump.

8 Jets hydro massage system is powered by a 1.1kw water pump.

15 Jets hydro massage system is powered by a 1.5kw water pump.

Air Bubble Massage System

The hot tub will come with 12x outlets driven by a 0.7kw Air blower pump. To maximize the effect, the outlets are installed seamlessly throughout the bottom of the fiberglass at various locations.

Supportive Electric Heater

In addition to the wood-fired heater, it is available to install an additional electric heater that can work both as a support or accelerator.  Support – means once the wood heating process is finished, turning on the electric heater (3kw) would support the perfect temperature for as long as you like.  Accelerating – whilst starting the initial heating up using wood an electric heater can be turned on too, which in turn speeds up the hot tub’s heating process. 


We are so confident in the quality of our manufactured products, we are offering the following:

– 2 years warranty on the structure (option to upgrade to 5 or 7-year warranty)

– 2 years warranty on the pumps/ plumbing and components

– 2 years warranty on the basic and optional spa components

– 2 years warranty on the shell surface of the spa

– 2 years warranty on the cabinet

– 2 years warranty on the lights

– 1-year warranty on the cover

Subject to terms of use

Fibreglass colour

Grey RAL 7015, White RAL 9001, Beach Pearl 3D, Navy Pearl 3D, Ocean Pearl 3D, Quartz Pearl 3D



Spa solution


Led Lights


Filtration System

Connections and Cover Box, Full Sand Filtration System, No Filtration, Connections only

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Tarkine Wood Fired Hot Tub
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