A Detailed Guide to Our Wood Fired Hot Tub Components

We invite you to explore wood fired hot tub elements, all about our production. Welcome to a world where luxury and nature intertwine, where the finest materials meet meticulous design, and where every detail is crafted for your ultimate relaxation. 

Wood Fired Hot Tub Fiberglass Shell

We offer a blend of durability and aesthetics that fiberglass liners bring to your hot tub experience. Crafted from woven reinforcement infused with a polymer resin, these liners offer superior heat retention, ease of maintenance, and a smooth, glossy finish. While they’re known for their resilience, they’re also incredibly practical with unique benefits that contribute to a seamless, rejuvenating soak.

Fibreglass Shell options

At our in-house production facility, we meticulously craft a variety of liner types, each endowed with its distinct properties. These liners, smooth and glossy to the touch, enhance the aesthetic and functional elements of your hot tub experience.

Our Standard Gelcoat liners, thanks to their cost-effectiveness, are the preferred choice among retailers and end-users alike. Yet, they don’t compromise on quality or performance, maintaining the standards we’re known for.

Our 3D Gelcoat liners are unique, creating captivating light reflections through the water. Despite their intricate seven-layer construction, their production process mirrors that of the Standard Gelcoat, upholding our commitment to consistency and quality.

Lastly, our Acrylic liners have gained popularity due to their superior resistance to chemicals used in hot tub water treatment. A specialized technique is employed for their production, ensuring seamless color application on the mold. This results in a liner that’s not just highly functional, but also visually pleasing.

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Fibreglass Liner 3D Colours

wood fired hot tubs 3d Beach pearl

Beach Pearl

wood fired hot tubs 3d quartz pearl

Quartz Pearl

wood fired hot tubs 3d navy pearl

Navy Pearl

wood fired hot tubs 3d ocean pearl

Ocean Pearl

Fibreglass and Acrylic colours

Standard wood fired hot tub colour Ral-7015


Standard wood fired hot tub colour RAL-9001


Thermowood Cladding

All of our hot tub exteriors are meticulously crafted from thermowood, a material renowned for its dimensional stability and resistance to rot and fungal decay. The thermowood construction enhances the durability and longevity of our hot tubs, ensuring they maintain their pristine condition despite varying weather conditions.

To further enhance their protective properties and to add a touch of luxury, each hot tub is finished with an oil overcoat. This not only preserves the distinctive aroma of real wood but also allows the material to breathe, enhancing its natural properties. In essence, our wood fired hot tub elements embody a seamless blend of function and aesthetics, providing a top-tier experience for our discerning customers.

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Wood-fired hot tubs heating options

Each of our three heating options for wood-fired hot tubs – the integrated wood heater, external wood heater, and smart pellet heater – are compatible with an optional electric supportive heater upgrade. This addition allows for effortless temperature maintenance, eliminating the need for frequent log insertion and ensuring a worry-free, relaxing hot tub experience.

v4 closeup

Integrated Wood Heater

High-quality 30 kW stainless steel stove made from AISI 316 steel. The burning chamber is produced from 4 mm steel to ensure the long life of the system and comes complete with chimney protection and a rain cap. The stove is equipped with an easy-access valve for emptying the system

View 2 Larch 2

External Wood Heater

Our premium external stove, crafted from AISI 316 stainless steel, boasts an impressive 30 kW heating power, offering an efficient and reliable heating solution for your hot tub. The advantage of an external heater is that it opens up more interior space, allowing for a more spacious soaking experience as the heater is not integrated within the tub. The stove is thoughtfully designed with an easy-access valve, simplifying the process of draining the system.

Smart wood fired hot tub - Pellet Smart Heater

Pellets - Smart Heating

Experience unparalleled control with our state-of-the-art heating system, designed for seamless operation via your mobile phone. Our powerful, smart heater delivers an impressive 30 KW power instantly, significantly reducing initial heat-up time. Crafted from AISI 316 Stainless steel and incorporating patented technology, this system offers top-tier performance and durability.

Hydro Massage Jets and Air Bubble System

We understand that everyone’s relaxation needs are unique, which is why we offer the flexibility to select the jets or bubble system individually or in combination to best meet your preferences. In essence, our massage jets deliver a potent therapeutic effect by targeting your back, while the air bubble system creates a calming, gentle bubble effect throughout the tub. For those seeking a more natural, “off-grid” experience, we can custom manufacture your wood-fired hot tub without any jets. This personalized approach ensures that each hot tub experience caters precisely to your individual relaxation and wellness requirements.

Hydro Massage Jets

Our hydro massage jets are meticulously positioned to target your back, delivering a therapeutic massage effect. This thoughtful design transforms your bathing experience, providing a rejuvenating and soothing relief that rivals a professional spa treatment. Furthermore, we offer bespoke positioning and customizable jet counts to tailor your hot tub to your specific relaxation needs.

Air Bubble System

Based on the size of our wood-fired hot tubs, they come standard with either 12 or 16 outlets. These strategically positioned outlets enhance your bathing experience by creating a soothing bubble effect, transforming your soak into a therapeutic and relaxing retreat.

Water Filtration Solution

A sand filtration system is a vital component in the upkeep of any hot tub, especially a wood-fired one. As the name suggests, this system employs sand or fibre balls as a natural filter to remove impurities, bacteria, and minute particles from the water. 

Sand Filtration System

Our hot tubs are designed with your convenience in mind. As a standard feature, they come equipped with built-in connection valves that simplify the process of attaching a sand filter. This feature ensures easy installation and hassle-free maintenance, enhancing the overall user experience.

Furthermore, to meet your unique needs, we offer customizable add-ons at the time of purchase. You can opt to include the sand filter itself to ensure a complete set-up from the get-go. For an aesthetically pleasing look and additional protection, you can also choose to add a surrounding box to conceal the filter. These optional extras enable you to tailor your purchase to your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless fit into your relaxation routine.

Sand Filter Connections
Crystal clear water filtration solution
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Mood Enhancer: The LED Lights

Light up your relaxation experience with our integrated LED lighting system, a feature that truly sets our hot tubs apart. With their long lifespan and energy-efficient design, the LED lights offer a seamless blend of beauty, functionality, and sustainability, adding an extra layer of luxury to your wood-fired hot tub experience. 

RGB Led Lights

Strategically positioned, these LED lights add a magical touch to your soak, creating a visually captivating environment that enhances the overall ambience. Not only do they serve a functional purpose, allowing for safe use of the hot tub during darker hours, but they also offer a degree of adjustable aesthetics. Choose from various colours to match your mood or setting, adding a personal touch to your bathing experience.

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The Insulated and Foldable Hot Tub Cover

Our hot tubs are complemented with a lightweight, insulated leather cover, thoughtfully designed for both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Crafted using high-density EPS, this cover ensures superior thermal insulation, while its anti-algae vacuum protection promotes cleanliness and hygiene. The ergonomic design coupled with a high-quality fabric finish elevates the overall look of the hot tub, reflecting our commitment to offering products that blend style, performance, and durability.

Cover Features

Cover Colours

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Safety and Sustainability: Wood Fired Hot Tub Essentials

We firmly uphold the belief that every hot tub we manufacture should possess certain fundamental features that we consider essential. These elements are the pillars of our design philosophy, embodying our commitment to quality, functionality, and user satisfaction. They not only set our hot tubs apart but also ensure that every bathing experience is an exemplar of comfort, relaxation, and enjoyment.

Wood Fired hot tub essentials

Chimney heat guard – Out Heaters are pre-fitted with a chimney heat guard. This stylishly designed feature encircles the chimney area, balancing aesthetic appeal with safety considerations.

Wall and Bottom Insulation – Our hot tubs come with comprehensive wall and bottom insulation, a key feature that ensures faster heating and superior heat retention. This enhances the efficiency of the tub, promising a consistently warm and inviting bathing experience.

Wood Fired Hot Tubs Frame

The Frame System is a cornerstone of our hot tub construction, acting as the supportive structure on which the tub rests. While most wood-fired hot tubs utilize a basic wooden frame, ours feature advanced enhancements for added durability.

Fortified Steel Pads

Standard in our design. The wooden frames are fortified with stainless steel pads, ensuring no part of the wood comes into direct contact with the ground.

Wood fired hot tub elements - cross-construction with steel paddings

Stainless Steel Structure

 For those seeking the ultimate in structural integrity, we offer an optional upgrade to a full 304 stainless steel frame system, providing an unrivalled level of strength and durability in the wood-fired hot tub market.

wood fired hot tub element - stainless steel cross

Embrace the Journey of Crafting Your Wood Fired Hot Tub

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